Founded in 2000, Bewin Biotech specializes in new technology, forms, formulas, cultures, and biomaterial R&D and integration. Based in Taiwan, we are qualified for the international quality standard – ISO 22716 Cosmetics Good Manufacturing Practices and
owns the world-class white room, first-class facilities, professional bio-technology teams, and TDS-LQ10 (3rd generation Nano-liposome) technology, Bewin Biotech is developing and manufacturing a variety of bio-medical, dietary supplement, and skincare products; moreover, it is the first and the only Taiwanese bio-tech manufacturer which cooperated which Rhodia, the best three chemical corporation in France, to produce skincare products.
1.     Innovation
a.     RD Induce enzyme
b.     RD Polysaccharides peptide GPS
c.     RD Nano white gold
d.     RD biotechnology SLVQ10
f.      RD Antrodia Camphorate
g.     IGF-1 Colony
h.     RD Immuglobin
2.     Certifications & honor
a.     Recommendation of the Cambridge biomedical center professor
b.     National prizes
c.     Cooperation with Rhodia group in France
d.     ISO 22716 Cosmetics Good Manufacturing Practices
3.     World-wide vertical integration team
a.     Taiwan: Bewin Lab.
b.     Japan: Ishihara, Nippon Chemical Industry (NCI)
c.     France: Sederma, Gattefose, Solabia, Danisco, ID bio
d.     Germany: BASF
e.     UK: Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI)
f.      USA: Merck, P&G, Union Carbide, Aloecorp
g.     Spain: Lipotech, Greentech
h.     Swiss: Roche, Clariant, Ciba
i.      Denmark: Danisco
j.      Netherlands: DSM, AkzoNobel